Medical Education for Upper Extremity Conditions


There is a common misconception that a hand surgeon treats only the hand. In fact, a hand surgeon is a specialist who has received additional training and developed proficiency in the management of disorders of the hand and upper extremity. This involves at times many surgical disciplines including plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, vascular surgery and neurosurgery. Many problems of the hand and upper extremity involve skin, bone, muscle, tendon, joint, nerve, and vascular conditions which in a co­ordinated manner must all be treated simultaneously or in a carefully and thoughtfully staged fashion. Total care of hand or upper extremity problems is provided whether they are acute (sudden onset or by injury), chronic, or involving reconstruction of deform­ities resulting from congenital anomaly, arthritic conditions or previous injury.

Hand Problems


Other Common Hand Problems

Burns, crush injuries and fractures, cysts, tumors, tendon injuries, infections / inflammation, animal bites and lacerations, nerve injuries, tenosynovitis, paralytic deformities, conditions resulting from stroke and cerebral palsy and pediatric and congenital conditions.

Wrist Problems


The joints of the hand and wrist often work together to allow the hand to function properly. When you are afflicted with pain, tendonitis, or other problems of the wrist, it affects your ability to use your hands, which affects your lifestyle and livelihood. The treatment plan that our physicians recommend is customized to best meet each of our patient’s needs.


Other Common wrist injuries

Tendonitis, arthritis, fractures (including wrists and scaphoid bone), ligament injuries and instabilities and paralytic deformities.

Elbow Problems


Other Common elbow Problems

Golfer’s elbow, arthritis, overuse syndrome, contractures, dislocations, fractures, ligament injuries and Instabilities.


Shoulder Problems


The shoulder is a common source of aches and pains, often the result of repetitive motion used in sports, at work, or during other activities. Injuries associated with this pain range from tendonitis to severe arthritis, requiring medical attention to help regain an active lifestyle.


Other Common Shoulder Conditions

Tendonitis, dislocations, fractures, bursitis, brachial plexus injuries and Instabilities.






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